Because there is #OnlyOne. You might know that our oceans are at high risk as we speak: rising acidity and temperatures have combined to make the environment unable to sustain the varieties of life essential to their ecosystems, leading to the slow but apparently steady collapse of those systems.

Belize (May 2023)

Did you know much of the world’s coral reefs are dead or dying – yes even parts of the Great Barrier northwest of Australia: a reef so massive it was visible from space! Coral is a fascinating expression of Life: its exoskeletans make up the reef’s structure, while it’s more mobile cells live within.

Many (all?) forms of coral use photosynthesis as part of their life energy. Sounds like that makes them a link between the animal/fish and plant worlds.

What a tragedy it would be if we lost them all!

There are many things in the world going wrong because we’ve spent too long polluting our air, water and land. One proposal combines two of our worst practices: planned deep sea mining. To learn more and maybe add your voice, see this.


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