Primordial Sound Meditation

"The Mind is a Wonderful Servant, but a Terrible Master."

~ Ram Dass

Simple meditation techniques are the gold standard of stress management. The thoughts that keep you up at night or run through your head at hard times are the tip of the iceberg of your subconscious. Meditation is the path of melting that iceberg to keep only the most brilliant crystals.

Even one experience of presence is an experience of heart-brain coherence, a few moments of homeostasis when the sympathetic side of the Autonomic Nervous System calms down and the parasympathetic engages. Then the body-mind is able to do what it wants to do: nourish you, clear away debris, heal injuries, fight infections, grow and repair your body and mind.

Drs. Chopra and Simon researched eastern and western life sciences to design the Primordial Sound Meditation program. It includes everything you need to know about the mind-body-spirit healing process and how to engage in it for yourself.

Lesson 1

The Mind-Body and Multidimensional Life

Lesson 2

Your Personalized Mantra Instruction

Lesson 3

Perfecting Your Practice

Lesson 4

Intro to Higher States of Consciousness

There's Enough Here to Satisfy Both the Intellect and the Heart.

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