American Behavioral Psychologist Amy Cuddy has a term for the anxiety, depression and lethargy we’re feeling because of the ongoing uncertainty of living this pandemic. She calls it the Pandemic Flux syndrome.

I’m not sure if she’s the first to coin that phrase, but the characteristics are very similar to burnout – including a lack of motivation because of chronic uncertainty, chronic anxiety because we don’t know where or how the threats are, and spikes in depressive feelings. Sound familiar?

Each of us is feeling these effects to some extent, and life goes on too. So we try some solutions….

What works? well for me, it’s been yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic techniques, and love!

Beyond my own advice, I’m ready to introduce you to a whole host of solutions. In cooperation with an amazing community of women who each has been working to help alleviate others’ suffering in her own way, we’re preparing Self Sustaining Strategies for you here. Workshops and interviews, live and recorded will be posted here in the coming weeks. Watch my fb page Dharana Counselling for live intros too.

If we can face the Pandemic Flux Syndrome with a smile and lightness of being, so can you!


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