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It’s not up to me to tell you how to live your life, not even what to do about your particular situation now.  Only you can make those decisions because you’ll be the one living with the consequences of the choices you make.

My job is to listen carefully, reflect to and with you, and to ask tough questions that maybe no one around you would ever ask. We explore your options together.

My desire to help you gain clarity and peace came out of my own similar struggles – of course. I studied and continue to practice to heal myself first.

If you’re here it might be because you’ve come up against something in your life – a relationship or other situation – that you haven’t been able to find the solution for yet. There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be better – to feel more comfortable and more fulfilled. In fact until you are, you  might only exacerbate the situation.

Self-love is sometimes hard to come by. But consider the ripple effect your actions, words and even thoughts have on the world around you, and you get a better idea of why getting to self-love is essential to make any lasting change.

It might seem paradoxical, but without loving ourselves where we’re at – with all of our blindness and flaws – we can only change in ways directed from / by outside ourselves. To live authentically takes an inner locus of vision and control, in balance with those from outside ourselves.

It takes both courage and support, and only then can we really see our options. Those options might have been there all along, but only when we’re ready to take them in as true potentialities can we begin to act on them.

That’s where I come from in helping you see, feel, taste, hear and love your authentic self, and your options moving forward. That and of course 30+ years of psychological training, experience and professional development.

For individual sessions I charge $100 + tax (so $115) of up to 75 minutes, working exclusively on zoom. My receipts are from the Naturotherapist’s association – ANQ.

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Individual Meditation

If you’ve heard about meditation and considered learning how, and/or if you’ve tried a few styles but nothing has felt right yet, it might be you’ve been trying to run before you walk.

Real meditation is very simple. It requires only three things:  a calm body, quiet mind, and open heart to be able to experience inner wisdom.

But any one or all three of those requirements might be a stumbling block for you to experiencing the great relief and clarity of Presence. That’s where I’m well equipped to help.

By sharing both psychological and yogic training, I can tailor each session to help remove those stumbling blocks specifically with you. I’ll guide you to quiet your body and mind and make it easier to feel safe enough to open your heart even for a little while.

Experience has shown that once we feel the relaxation and insights inherent in a real meditation experience, the experience itself becomes magnetic. Whether immediately or over a longer time, your practice will certainly unfold.

I’ve learned from many sources and do not promote any one religious discipline. My approach is physical, psychological, and spiritual in the broadest terms. You’re safe with me.

Stress Management

If you’ve been living with chronic stress, it’s quite likely you’re also experiencing some physiological symptoms.  You might have a medical diagnosis or might just feel lethargic and ‘blue’. 

It might be getting harder to get up in the mornings, might be no fun to do anything at night but binge watch Netflix. You used to be more spontaneous, more clever, more fun.

I can explain to you why that is:  how the mind and emotions affect the cells and systems of your body, and how to cultivate healthier habits of both body and mind. I can help you get to what neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson calls Hardwiring Happiness.

With a Stress Management mandate, I focus on the mutual interdependence of the mind and body.  We have the option of going more deeply into your personal story or not – that’s your call.  Either way you’ll leave each session with a greater understanding of the mechanics of stress and techniques to manage it better in your own life.

If you’re under medical care, this approach makes you a better patient by helping your awareness of your body-mind, and suggesting what you can do to support the work you’re doing with your medical professionals.

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Here to help you on your journey to authenticity.
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