Movement in May

Movement in May A Self-Sustaining Strategies Interview On March 9, 22, I sat down with Wellness & Holistic Therapist Chantal Forgues, to talk about what we mean by subtle energies, and to learn a few quick techniques to improve them. Here’s the link to the whole interview, which lasted just over an hour.  If you

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spring flowers

Spring to it

It doesn’t have to be spring for us to start again. In fact every moment is an opportunity to make different choices. That’s all very well to say, but how do we apply it? After almost 30 years of helping people with their choices and insights, what I realize is that we’re all looking for

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water lilies are our lotus flowers

The Layers of Life & Meditation

I’m really looking forward to sharing this Sunday afternoon with Laurie Loo at her Safe Haven Sanctuary. We’ll dive deep into how understanding the “Layers of Life” (Ayurveda and Yoga) helps us understand what meditation IS and where it fits into our unfolding. There’s still some space – being IN PERSON spaces are honestly limited.

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Pandemic Flux response

American Behavioral Psychologist Amy Cuddy has a term for the anxiety, depression and lethargy we’re feeling because of the ongoing uncertainty of living this pandemic. She calls it the Pandemic Flux syndrome. I’m not sure if she’s the first to coin that phrase, but the characteristics are very similar to burnout – including a lack

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You want to help

You’re a good person with a lot to offer, and in your own way you try to help people around you. Sometimes though you second-guess your efforts, or deny to yourself that you even have anything to offer. You’re not alone! “Start from where you are – not where you wish you were. The work

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