World Ocean Day!

Because there is #OnlyOne. You might know that our oceans are at high risk as we speak: rising acidity and temperatures have combined to make the environment unable to sustain the varieties of life essential to their ecosystems, leading to the slow but apparently steady collapse of those systems. Did you know much of the

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Moving onto Soundcloud

I have about 200+ recordings of meditative experiences I’ve guided over the past couple of years. I’ve looked for a way to make some available through my site, and have settled on SoundCloud links. Here’s the first link for you to try. It’s about 30 minutes, so settle into a quiet space and enjoy!

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Subtle Energies with Susan

Re-connecting with Nature A Self-Sustaining Strategies Workshop On March 14, 22, I sat down with my old friend Susan Greenspan, who’s been certified as a Naturopath since 1995.  You might have met her at Health Tree where she worked, learned and counselled customers for 11 years. At the same time Susan was exploring all KINDS

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