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"To be a Good Scientist You Have to Use Your Heart
Because That's Where the Information Comes First."

~ Nassim Haramein

When Deepak Chopra met David Simon, they were both “closet meditators” in their medical environments. Both understood the great potential of bringing together ancient life wisdom from the east and the best of current western medical sciences. Together they founded the Chopra Center for Mind-Body Wellness almost 30 years ago.

Perfect Health was their first signature program for participants and eventually for those of us who wanted to become certified to teach it. Perfect Health brings together the best of East and West, answering: what can YOU do between visits to the doctor? What can YOU do to support your healing? What can YOU do to be the most vibrant example of YOURSELF whether you’re facing a challenge or not?

The Perfect Health program thoroughly covers all aspects of living, with insights drawn from yoga, Ayurvedic lifestyle and medical science. It contains so many adjustments YOU can make that I suspect no one makes them all. The good news is that any new techniques you DO use will improve your mind-body-spiritual interactions and therefore health.

Yoga Asanas are properly done with full awareness within the body. Every position, balance and breath teaches as we practice. Yoga is in fact a full life practice (8"Limbs"), of which Asanas & Pranayama are two. Done properly, Yoga is not a competition - it's an awakening.

Perfect Health is taught in five sections:

15 hours of online instruction (3 hours/week for 5 weeks) gives you time to follow along in your Chopra workbook and to try suggestions each week to begin to feel their benefits. None of my students have adopted EVERYTHING in this program, but each thing they have incorporated into regular habits has brought them closer to Perfect mind-body-spirit Health.

$450 includes the workbook, online instruction and individual QnA sessions as needed.

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