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Humanist and Solution-Focused

In Human terms, my job is to “go with” you into your best understanding of something that’s troubling you, deep enough to really understand, then work with you so we can find our way out together. 

That’s different from your best friend because I’ll challenge you in ways they might never.  We’re in this together, and you can be sure I won’t just tell you what you want to hear.  Our goal is clarity.

Credentials: Certified Counsellor, Meditation Coach, Motivational Speaker, Certified Yoga Instructor, Chopra Mind-Body Wellness Center Instructor, Author, member of the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, the Quebec Counselling Association and past member of the Ordre des Conseillers et Conseillieres d’Orientation du Quebec.

What I do

Your Inner World

Getting free of habitual reactions requires seeing them as they are first. Feelings sometimes long suppressed can be remarkably helpful. I can help you get there safely, either one-on-one or in small online groups with like-minded souls.


Gain Clarity and Peace

If you're here it might be because you've come up against something in your life: a relationship or other situation - that's not going well for you. There's nothing wrong with wanting things to be better - to feel more comfortable and more fulfilled.

How I Can Help:

Programs Chopra Soul Collage Meditation


Science and the Wisdom of the Vedas.

Deepak Chopra has pioneered mind-body-spirit healing in the west for decades.

Primordial Sound Meditation is the Chopra Center’s signature meditation program. It covers everything you need to know and do to develop your own meditation practice.

Perfect Health is their amalgamation of daily healing habits from east and west. That means the best you can do for yourself, whether you’re under western medical care or not.

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Images, Imagination and Intuition. 


SoulCollage(R) is a remarkable self-directed technique that will very likely surprise you.

Developed by Psychotherapist Seena Frost following her work with Anthropologist & Human Potential Leader Jean Houston, SoulCollage(R) is a brilliant technique for self-exploration. Using simple artistic methods, guided journaling and online exchanges, surprising insights emerge.

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Your Presence Practice 

First comes complete mind-body relaxation.

Then awareness grows of the subjective nature of experience, and of internal locus of control.

Gradually, we carry our peace with us. We evolve more consciously towards the best of ourselves.

Why? Because your world needs the best of you!

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Deepak Chopra at 3rd World Religions Conference Montreal
some SoulCollage(R) cards SS
SS leading group meditation at Chopra Center
Sheila Southon C2015

It's Time.

Here to help you on your journey to authenticity.
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